Executive Protection
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Executive Protection

Executive, VIP, Dignitary and Celebrity Protection Protection Against Embarrassment, Injury, Kidnapping and Assassination.

Discreet services delivered according to industry best practices by seasoned professionals with global operating experience and extensive training.

Secure Transportation and Protection Escorts

Carrying large sums of cash, gemstones or other valuables? Bedrock Protection will securely facilitate your business trip in Utah efficiently and in comfort. Airport pickup and delivery service available.

Corporate Resource Officers

Extending the skills and capabilities of an Executive Protection Agent over more than one executive, or to cover an executive suite, is the role fulfilled by Bedrock’s Corporate Resource Officers. CROs have completed specialized training in Crisis Management and Active-Shooter Interdiction and can demonstrate all the skill-sets necessary for the protection of key individuals. An efficient security force multiplier, the CRO will also advise on security enhancements and procedural changes to upgrade the corporate offices. Corporate Resource Officers are operational consultants that can be brought in quickly on a short term basis to defend against temporary threats or to “tune up” your existing executive protection security measures.


Investigation team

Bedrock’s investigation team is staffed with experienced, professional investigators from the private sector, police agencies and retired FBI.
All investigations are supervised by Private Investigation Agency licensees Tony Henrie and Steve Ketter.

  • Steve Ketter

    Steve Ketter

    Senior Investigator Case Manager

    Steve Ketter has been a private investigator for the last 26 years. His extensive investigative experience includes work in 46 states covering the areas.

  • Tony T. Henrie


    Chief Investigator Training Director

    Tony retired in 2012 from the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Supervisory Special Agent, after 23 years of service.